Air diffusers are the only visible HVAC products in most buildings. Architecturally-appealing diffusers are very important for interior designers and architects. EffectiV HVAC provides the market with a selection of unique, architecturally appealing diffusers that also offer amazing performance.

Architectural Diffusers


Here are just a few projects made with our products, for your inspiration. You’ll find more project pictures when browsing the products.


KAM-D Jet Diffusers Concealed Sidewall in Airport

KAM-D Jet Diffusers concealed in Airport wood wall

Rectangular PLAY diffuser is ideal for hallways.

Rectangular PLAY diffuser is ideal for hallways

NEX-C Painted Black With Conical Plenum Exposed Duct

NEX-C Concave Elements Round Swirl Diffuser with conical Plenum installed on exposed duct in a restaurant

OTO-C Star Swirl Diffuser Surface Mount Fancy Victorian Design

OTO-C Round Swirl Diffuser installed in fancy victorian ceiling

KAM-D Jet Diffusers Installed on Duct in Hallway

Exposed duct in hallway with multiple small KAM-D Jet Diffusers

KAM-W Jet Diffuser Sidewall Clothing Store Outlet

KAM-W Nozzle Jet Diffusers integrated in outlet wall

Nice NEX diffuser in ceiling

NEX diffuser with black concave elements in futuristic grey room