Accessories (17)

Dampers, frames, plenums and other accessories for air distribution products.

AX6 (2)

AX6 Aluminum Round Swirl Diffusers with adjustable blades are ideal for heating, cooling, ventilation and VAV applications in commercial and industrial buildings. AX6 is arguably the best diffuser to supply heated air from high ceiling. Comes with integrated air equalizer and synchronously adjustable blades to ensure a uniform swirl pattern.

AXO (18)

AXO High Induction Adjustable Vanes Diffusers come in various shapes and patterns in answer to different needs and applications. Air is supplied by multiple small, adjustable vanes, creating an adjustable airflow that mixes supplied air with room air very evenly and rapidly.

AXP (1)

AXP series round swirl diffusers are designed to supply air in heating, air conditioning and ventilation applications, in premises with ceilings 8.5 up to 13 feet high and with temperature differential up to 22ºF. They are suitable for multiple types of commercial buildings. Their round shape together with the helical design of their vanes cause a stable swirl diffusion of the air stream, obtaining a high induction rate and reducing the stratification. They can be mounted in drywall ceilings or directly on exposed duct.

BWC (1)

BWC series valves are designed for air supply and exhaust in residential and light commercial installations. Wall or duct mounted, BWC valve diffusers allow for high airflow pass obtaining good results in sound pressure performance. Flow is adjusted by rotating the core.

DCG (2)

DCG Aluminum Adjustable Round Diffusers are aesthetically appealing and allow for vertical adjustment of the airflow. Ideal for commercial applications either higher ceilings, open ceilings, exposed duct or standard ceilings with heating and cooling seasons.

DSO (1)

DSO Aluminum Round Plaque Diffusers are recommended for heating, ventilating, and cooling applications. The removable central disc greatly facilitates installation, maintenance and cleaning.

KAM (4)

KAM Aluminum Adjustable Punkah Nozzle Jet Diffusers for ceiling or sidewall are ideal when long throw is required or for spot heating and/or cooling. Can be installed on surface or directly on duct.

KOBE (1)

KOBE Long Throw Adjustable Linear Jet Diffusers are available with six slot widths and an adjustable supply angle of ± 30º, KOBE diffusers are suitable for all types of architectures and airflow requirements.

KOO (1)

KOO Adjustable Long Throw Multi-Jet Nozzle Diffusers respond to different functional and architectural requirements, thanks to their manually adjustable nozzles in all directions.

LSD (1)

LSD Linear Slot Diffusers provide the ultimate combination of aesthetics and comfort for continuous installations. Their high induction ratio and unique adjustment possibilities are what make it so unique.

NEX (4)

NEX Concave Elements Architectural High Induction Swirl Diffusers mix the air very well despite temperature and velocity variations or faulty installation. Good looking and very reliable, a great product to improve indoor comfort.

OTO (3)

OTO Stamped Curved Slots Architectural Swirl Diffuser is available in square and round shape. Its curved slots create high velocity jets cutting like blades through air, efficiently mixing the air in a swirl pattern even at lower cfm.

PLAY (4)

PLAY Adjustable Sectors Diffusers are the only diffusers allowing for full and easy 360 degree horizontal adjustment of the airflow. Great look with new and amazing design possibilities. Achieve maximal comfort with flexibility.

RXO (2)

RXO steel stamped swirl diffusers for ventilation and cooling applications. Matching PERFAIR plenums available for improved performance. Available in multiple square or round dimensions.


TWIST Stamped Steel Swirl Diffusers are a great improvement to standard 3 cone diffusers and are very affordable compared to higher-end products. Their convenient, compact design with integrated plenum allows for installation in ceilings with limited space and for significant savings. A great compromise between comfort and budget.
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