EffectiV HVAC Product Catalog
Complete EffectiV Catalog
All performance data, submittal
drawings and more
Architectural Brochure
Architectural Brochure
Pictures of products and
projects for your inspiration
UV Diffusers Brochure
UV Diffusers Brochure
Safe Air, Clean Air,
Enhanced Ventilation
EffectiV HVAC Quick Reference Product Guide
Quick Reference Guide
Simple flyer showing all our
products on one page
EffectiV 2'x2' Diffusers Quick Selection Chart
Diffusers Selection Chart
Quick selection chart
for 2’x2′ ceiling diffusers
EffectiV HVAC Quick Introduction
Powerpoint Presentation
Technical presentation used
in lunch & learns

Powerpoint UV / ACTIF / VAV
UV Diffusers, Thermodynamic
Diffusers, VAV Selection

Reference Projects
List of projects realized
in North America
Constant and Variable Air Volume Dampers
CAV & VAV Dampers
Constant and Variable Air
Volume Regulators
EffectiV HVAC Finish Chart
Finish Chart
Standard Finishes
RAL and Glossiness