Thermal Comfort

When it comes to comfort, it is virtually impossible to please everyone all of the time. There always seems to be someone who is either too cold or too hot. Everyone has their own tolerance to heat and cold. One of the most common sources of HVAC-related discomforts are air the drafts coming from the ceiling diffusers. At EffectiV, we believe that the importance of ceiling diffusers has been undervalued for way too long. Are you dealing with air conditioning drafts in restaurants and other commercial spaces? AC wars in shared office spaces? Above average employee absenteeism and decreased performance? Too frequent and expensive comfort-related service calls? Our diffusers can and will solve most of these problems in a large variety of environments. Best of all, you will most likely end up saving money and increasing your profits in the long run. It is discomfort, not comfort, that’s really expensive.

Products Improving HVAC Comfort