Thermal Diffusers

Thermodynamic diffusers self-adjust to diffuse the air efficiently based on supplied air temperature


Thermal Diffusers

Contrarily to most Thermal Diffusers which are VAV Diffusers, EffectiV HVAC’s Thermal Diffusers do not affect the air volume. Our Thermodynamic Diffusers adjust their diffusion angle automatically based on the supplied air temperature.

AX6-ACTIF and DCG-ACTIF themal diffusers are great for supplying both heating and air conditioning from high ceilings. In cooling mode, cold air is diffused horizontally in order to mix with hot air close to the ceiling, before reaching the occupied zone at a comfortable air velocity and temperature. In heating season, hot air is diffused downward in order to reach the occupied zone and prevent stratification without the need of energy-consuming destratification fans.

DCG’s appearance may be preferable for some designs like restaurants with high open ceilings. Its aluminum construction also makes it the product of choice for higher humidity and rust-sensitive environments.

AX6, on the other hand, offers two considerable benefits over DCG. Firstly, it diffuses the air in a swirl pattern, both in heating and air conditioning, which mixes the air more efficiently. Secondly, AX6 is available with an optional security grille for gymnasiums and sport centers.

KAM-ACTIF Thermal Nozzle Jet DiffuserOur third thermal diffuser is the KAM Nozzle Jet Diffuser. Also constructed in aluminum, KAM-ACTIF is ideal when supplying both heating and cooling from the wall in large rooms. Nozzle jet diffusers provide very long throw for large spaces. They’re ideal for reaching long distances without the use of Coanda effect. However, their long throw is also greatly affected by the natural effect of hot air going up and cold air going down. In order to counter that effect, KAM-ACTIF will self-adjust itself to send hot air downward 30 degrees and cold air upward 30 degrees.

EffectiV Thermal Diffusers significantly improve occupants’ thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

EffectiV HVAC’s Thermal Diffusers are self-contained and fully autonomous. They are powered by thermodynamic elements – thermal spring or wax piston – which will expand or retract based on the temperature of air passing through the diffuser. Our thermodyanmic diffusers do not require any electricity, configuration nor maintenance. Just install them as you would standard diffusers and immediately benefit from a more efficient air diffusion.



Thermal Diffusers