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KAM-W Nozzle Jet Diffusers in Airport

KAM-W Nozzle Jet Diffusers supplying installed in an airport

Nozzle Jet Diffusers are ideal for larger spaces where long throws are needed. EffectiV offers adjustable nozzle jet diffusers for various applications including airports, indoor pools, sports facilities, shopping malls, theaters, atriums and more, pleasing both architects and engineers with a great combination of aesthetics and performance.

KAM-W is an adjustable nozzle jet diffuser designed for surface mounting. Its hidden screws fastening system and sleek design are some of the reasons why KAM-W is so popular with architects. It is most commonly installed in walls to supply the air horizontally or at an angle. Its aluminum construction makes it a perfect product for high humidity environments like pools and aquatic centers. The basic KAM-W model is manually adjustable. Two other versions of the product are KAM-W-M5 which is controlled by an actuator, and the thermodynamic diffuser KAM-W-ACTIF. ACTIF thermal diffusers automatically adjust the angle of their jet according to the supplied air temperature. They are fully autonomous and don’t require any electricity, controls nor configuration.

KAM-D is similar to KAM-W except for the absence of flange and hidden screws fastening system. It is designed to be inserted directly inside a round duct opening. This is why we often see KAM-D diffusers in buildings with large open ceilings and visible ducts. KAM-D is also available as manually adjustable, actuator-controlled, or the thermally actuated KAM-D-ACTIF.

Black KAM-D Nozzle Jet Diffusers mounted on duct in a whiskey bar

Black KAM-D Nozzle Jet Diffusers mounted on duct in a whiskey bar

Both KAM-W and KAM-D are available for 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 16″ duct diameters. KAM-W-ACTIF and KAM-D-ACTIF are only available for 8″, 10″ and 12″ duct diameters.





KOO Multi Nozzle Jet Diffusers in New Armeco Office

KOO Multi Nozzle Jet Diffusers installed on the wall facing large windows in a spacious office space

Another very popular product is our KOO Multi-Nozzles Jet Diffuser. KOO provides mechanical engineers and architects with a unique combination of long throw and wide spread. It can diffuse the air in straight jets on distances surpassing 100 ft, or the nozzles can be adjusted to spread the diffusion pattern and decrease the throw. This makes KOO the ideal diffuser to cover large spaces and surfaces from a long distance. For instance, it is often more economical and energy efficient to cover large windows from a distance with the KOO rather than installing ducts all the way to the top of the window in order to create an air curtain.

KOO is very versatile because of its adjustable airflow and also because of the wide selection of dimensions available. KOO comes with a choice of two nozzle diameters arranged in one or two rows of 2 to 10 nozzles.

These options create a total to 32 possible dimensions, allowing for effective supply of any volume of air between 15 cfm and 1065 cfm per diffuser.

KOO comes with a separate plenum in the back, with top of side duct connections. It also features a very easy to use and very secure spring clip mounting system.


KOBE Long Throw Linear Jet Diffuser installed in a passage way

KOBE Long Throw Linear Jet Diffuser installed in a commercial building entrance

Another product which can significantly help optimize air distribution in large rooms is the KOBE Linear Jet Diffuser. Available in six different slot widths, KOBE can be mounted on the wall to diffuse the air horizontally in large spaces, or in the ceiling to diffuse the air downward, for instance to cover high windowed walls. KOBE’s very long throw can reach far distances in the room, or efficiently push hot air downwards. KOBE is made in aluminum and the angle of the air jet can be adjusted by ± 30º.










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