OTO-UV Architectural Swirl UV Diffuser
OTO-UV Architectural Swirl UV DiffuserOTO-UV Architectural Swirl UV DiffuserOTO-UV Architectural Swirl UV Diffuser Installed in Office Ceiling with High Induction Diffusers in BackgroundOTO-UV Architectural Swirl UV Diffuser Installed in Office Ceiling - Closeup ViewUV Diffusers Use UVC Irradiation to Achieve Efficient Air DisinfectionUV Diffuser MERV-9 FilterCFD Analysis of Air Velocity Inside UV Diffusers to Optimize UVC IrradiationUV Diffuser Air Sterilization - Particle Exposure Analysis using CFDCeiling with UV Diffusers to Contain the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools and Office Buildings


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Architectural Swirl UV Diffuser for 210 cfm – 340 cfm

UV Diffusers combine high efficiency filtering, sanitizing and diffusion of the air coming from the ventilation system in the room – a perfect combination to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases in commercial and institutional buildings.

For more information about UV Diffusers, visit the UV Diffusers Website at UVDiffusers.com.

OTO-UV swirl diffuser delivers the air with a high discharge velocity, mixing the air more efficiently than common diffusers in a 360-degree diffusion pattern. OTO diffusers offer a very reliable performance in VAV applications in both heating and cooling.


Product Description

UV Diffusers by EffectiV HVAC™ are very innovative solution acting as a shield ensuring that the air entering the room is pure and safe. It’s a 3-in-1 solution which sterilizes the air from pathogens using UVC light, filters the air from larger particles with a MERV-9 filter, and enhances air mixing and room ventilation. By filtering the air at the end of the duct line and by slowing it down even more, UV Diffusers achieve up to 100% sterilization performance of SARS-CoV-1, SARSCoV-2, Legionella and other viruses and bacteria which could spread through the ventilation system.

Visit the UV Diffusers website for more information and to see the videos at UVdiffusers.com

They are a practical solution which can be installed in most existing buildings without other significant upgrades, and offer easy access for maintenance and filter replacement.

OTO-UV Architectural Swirl Diffuser distributes the air in a fix 360-degree high induction swirl pattern.

The OTO face is stamped directly in a galvanized steel sheet and has no moving parts.


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Adjustable Airflow



Galvanized Steel


24″ x 24″


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