EffectiV Launches New High Induction Linear Slot Diffuser LSD

New LSD High Induction Linear Sectored Slot Diffusers

April 5, 2016

EffectiV HVAC™ is proud to announce another new addition to its product line: the LSD Series – High Induction Linear Sectored Slot Diffuser.


Sectored Slots Providing Full Adjustment Possibilities

LSD is a unique linear slot diffuser providing great adjustment possibilities. Each slot is composed of individually adjustable 4″ (100 mm) sectors, curved blades that can be rotated to supply air at any angle. It can be used as a standard 1 way or 2 way diffuser, or configured for downward projection.

Furthermore, having the possibility to adjust each sector allows for continuous slots with small sections shooting air in different directions, making it possible to avoid or target specific people, objects or parts of the room.


LSD Adjustable Linear Slot DiffuserMore Efficient Air Mixing


Even in its standard configuration, LSD does provide outstanding performance for a linear slot diffuser. Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 slots, LSD is factory adjusted in its unique 2 Way Alternate air distribution pattern, meaning that each sector of each slot alternates left and right. This creates an airflow with projections similar to a 2 way pattern, yet with a much higher induction ratio. The end result is that more room air is mixed with the same quantity of supplied air.

End sections, mid sections and 90 degree corners are available to create long continuous diffusers. Adjustable vanes are available in black or white, and custom finishes are available.


LSD is a unique linear slot diffuser that’s exactly in line with EffectiV HVAC’s philosophy:


Architecture, Comfort, Energy Efficiency