New Products - Architectural Ceiling Returns

New Products – Architectural Ceiling Returns

April 20, 2021

You Asked, We Delivered

One of the questions that pops up the most when people discover our architectural diffusers in tradeshows and presentations is: “do you also have architectural returns?”

Now we do.

YIN and FLYIN Architectural Ceiling Returns combine discretion and efficiency in order to answer the needs of both architects and engineers.

In order to exhaust the air effectively and quietly, ceiling returns must be designed with the largest unobstructed opening possible. This, however, comes with the unappealing result of seeing the rigid metal or flexible duct connection behind the face.

The YIN and FLYIN Architectural Ceiling Returns solve the appearance problem without compromising on efficiency. Powder coated with either the same or different color for the face and on the inside, both architectural returns use a 45-degree angled blades return grille face. This angled blade feature allows visibility to the painted wall opposite to the duct connection. The result is a discreet look hiding the duct from every visible angle and a return grille that blends in with its environment. YIN and FLYIN Architectural Returns can either blend discreetly with the ceiling when using the standard white-on-white finish, or add depth to the ceiling with a white face and an interior color matching a dominant color in the room.

In addition to these features, FLYIN includes a support for 20” x 20” x 2” filters, and comes with a MERV-9 filter. Although not completely invisible from the face, the filter is set in a way which further decreases the angles from where it can be seen in the room.

Both products have a secure and easy-to-open removable hinged face with magnetic locks, providing easy access for cleaning and/or filter replacement.

YIN and FLYIN both come standard with earthquake tabs and are available with 10” round, or 12” and 16” oval collars, or with a large rectangular opening for plenum ceilings. They are compatible with open, closed or false ceilings.