High Performance Architectural Diffusers

Architecture, Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality



EffectiV HVAC manufactures and supplies high-performance and innovative architectural diffusers to improve ventilation in commercial and institutional buildings.


EffectiV’s large selection of specialty diffusers help improve thermal comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality in a wide variety of applications. Their appealing designs bring a perfect balance between architectural requirements and mechanical engineering objectives. 


Products include high induction swirl diffusers, linear diffusers, nozzle jet diffusers, adjustable diffusers, thermodynamic diffusers and constant air volume dampers.


EffectiV diffusers are found in hundreds of buildings across North America, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, factories and more.


We thrive on supplying only the best quality products and offering great support and education to architects and engineers.


Our mission is to make the world a better place, one building at a time.