New EB2 Cable-Operated Damper Option

EB2 Cable-Operated Damper Option Now Available With Most Plenums

March 21, 2017

A new option has been added for most plenums. It is the EB2 Cable-Operated Electro-balanced Damper with a cable through the wall or ceiling and a termination fixture. This completes the series of cable operated damper options.

EB-SP8 Eight Connector Panel for EB2 Cable-Operated Damper

EB-SP8 Eight Connector Panel for EB2 Cable-Operated Damper

EB2 is a great balancing solution for diffusers that are installed in high ceilings or in closed and false ceilings, where comfort matters. Two termination fixtures are available, with a choice of one or eight connectors. The  eight connector option offers the possibility  of balancing up to eight diffusers in a room from the same discrete 4 ½” x 2 ¾” wall plate, which can be placed in a convenient and accessible location. An Eight Connector Wall Bracket is also available for wall mounting in mechanical closets, or similar spaces.

Similar to other dampers, the EB2 damper is factory mounted on the plenum. It includes a standard eight foot long cable. Cable extensions are also available for longer runs.

The electro-balanced damper is adjusted using a battery powered, hand held remote. This damper features a LED array to indicate the damper position.  It is powered by the remote and does not require additional power to operate. The same remote can be used to control all of the dampers.

EB2 is an excellent solution for efficiently improving comfort. It is a perfect match for our high induction and adjustable diffusers using PERFAIR plenums,  such as AXO, NEX, OTO and PLAY. It also works very well with our LSD High Induction Linear Sectored Slot Diffusers.