Adjustable Multi Jet Nozzle Panel Diffuser KOO

New Product: KOO Adjustable Long Throw Multi-Jet Nozzle Diffusers

March 28, 2017

The latest addition to EffectiV HVAC’s product line, the KOO Adjustable Long Throw Multi-Jet Nozzle Diffuser is another product that is loved by both architects and mechanical engineers. Thanks to its unique combination of very long projections with precise adjustment, the architecturally appealing KOO can help to greatly optimize comfort and energy efficiency in a variety of applications.

KOO consists of multiple aluminum nozzles that are aligned in one or two rows, in a galvanized steel panel. Two different nozzle diameters are available, including 3 5/32” (80 mm) and 4 59/64” (125 mm).  It is possible to have between two and twenty nozzles per panel.  There are a total of 32 available combinations to supply air between 15 cfm and 1065 cfm.

KOO installed in ING Bank Closeup View

The multiple high velocity jets create a high induction rate. This reduces air stratification in the room, while keeping the noise levels very low.


The concealed spring clip system reduces the installation time to a few seconds.  It also includes secure hooks for ceiling installation. The result is a smooth and homogeneous surface that reduces the visual impact on the interior architecture.

Matching PLRX plenums are available with either top or side connection(s).  There is also a wide selection of air volume dampers, including our standard perforated damper/air equalizer and our series of cable-operated dampers. Other options include acoustical liners and thermal insulation.  Similar to all of our plenums, anti-seismic tabs are standard.

KOO can also be mounted directly on a round metal duct using an IEK adapter.

Here are a few examples of useful applications for KOO:

  • It can be used for large spaces that need both long projections and spread (vertical or horizontal) at the same time. Some examples are retail stores, shopping malls, theaters and libraries.


  • It facilitates the targeting of large windows in high humidity locations (such as pools and aquatic centers) in order to avoid condensation.


  • It is excellent for applications where projections at two different angles are required. An example is a KOO that is installed near the top of a wall, with one series of jets at 0 degrees following the ceiling, and another series of jets at 30 degrees that target a door or a window.


  • It is useful for geographic locations that need both heating and cooling or where easy adjustment of the airflow is required.