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New Products - Architectural Ceiling Returns
One of the questions that pops up the most when people discover our architectural diffusers in tradeshows and presentations is: “do you also have architectural returns?”Now we do.YIN and FLYIN Architectural Ceiling Returns combine discretion and efficiency in order to answer the needs of both ar ...
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EffectiV HVAC Launches UV Diffusers to Contain the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools and Office Buildings
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMontreal, Canada: Thursday November 5, 2020 A smarter way of killing and containing airborne viruses, such as Covid-19, through a UVC light ventilation system could offer hope to millions of people worldwide.UV Diffusers, designed by Canadian-based EffectiV HVAC In ...
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New Product: High Induction Swirl Diffuser with HEPA Filter AXO-HEPA
We’re adding a new product to our AXO High Induction Diffusers Series: AXO-HEPA.AXO-HEPA has the dual function of filtering the air and diffusing the filtered air in the room, both with very high efficiency.It consists of an air-tight plenum box made of and airtight molded polystyrene with ...
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