New Product: High Induction Swirl Diffuser with HEPA Filter AXO-HEPA

New High Induction Swirl Diffuser with HEPA Filter AXO-HEPA

July 9, 2020

We’re adding a new product to our AXO High Induction Diffusers Series: AXO-HEPA.

AXO-HEPA has the dual function of filtering the air and diffusing the filtered air in the room, both with very high efficiency.

It consists of an air-tight plenum box made of and airtight molded polystyrene with a circular duct connection on the side and equipped with a pressure intake that controls pressure loss in the filter. The assembly comes with a HEPA filter and a removable high induction swirl diffuser face for high turbulence airflow.

AXO-HEPA diffusers are suitable for installations that require very pure, germ-free air such as clean rooms and pharmaceutical laboratories, and can also be used in any commercial building where air is a primary concern.

HEPA filter is classified H14 with an MPPS effectiveness of 99.995%. Each filter is individually tested and a test report is delivered with every unit.

AXO-HEPA is available in four dimensions to cover airflows anywhere in the range of 70 to 460 cfm per diffuser.

The standard finish are anodized aluminum, or galvanized steel powder coated in white RAL 9010.

The adjustable high induction vanes are available in black or white, with alignment blades on their back in order to ensure a perfect swirl diffusion pattern. The result is a high induction airflow that mixes the room air more efficiently than other diffusers. The benefits of high induction are reduced stratification and even temperature in the room, improved thermal comfort, increased energy efficiency, and efficient removal of contaminants in the room.

Combined with high efficiency HEPA filters, high induction diffusers help improve indoor air quality and address the spread of air transmitted viruses and bacteria by simultaneously improving both the air filtration and room ventilation.

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