Quick Selection Charts For Ceiling Diffusers

Quick Selection Charts For Ceiling Diffusers

October 9, 2015

Many factors must be considered when comes the time to select the right products for an application. Introducing many revolutionary and unique products to the market along with more common specialty products, we figured it would be useful for Mechanical Engineers and HVAC Designers to have access to a quick selection chart for our ceiling diffusers.

It is almost impossible to include all factors into a single chart while keeping it simple and convenient, therefore we chose to create multiple charts that could be used independently or together.


Product Selection Based on Ceiling Height

Ceiling Diffusers Selection Chart - Ceiling HeightCeiling height is a fixed parameter and probably the best way to narrow down the list of adequate products for your application. Here’s our Ceiling Diffusers Quick Selection Chart Based on Ceiling Height:





Product Selection Based on CFM

Ceiling Diffusers Selection Chart - CFMThe required amount of cfm is another fixed parameter. Although you can play around with the number of diffusers to achieve the total cubic feet per minute required, the cfm per diffuser will give you an idea of what products should or should not be considered for your application. This is why we’ve made this Ceiling Diffusers Quick Selection Chart Based on CFM:





Horizontal Throw

Ceiling Diffusers Selection Chart - Horizontal ThrowThe title says it all, although keep in mind this is just an overview for quick selection. Make sure to have a close look at the performance data for selected products. Throw can vary a lot with adjustable diffusers. Also, KAM being very directional, it can be installed on sidewalls for horizontal jet supply. Last but not least, the type of ceiling, coanda effect, temperature differential and other factors will greatly affect throw values.





Product Features

Ceiling Diffusers Selection Chart - FeaturesAre the diffusers going to be installed in false ceilings or directly on open duct? Do you need adjustable diffusers? What is the climate like? Do you need rust-free aluminum construction? Round or square? No need to go through the whole catalog each time you have to look for a specific need, here’s a simple grid listing all our series of products with their main features.





These charts are pulled from our Product Catalog and we will keep updating both this article and the catalog as we launch new products. Therefore it might be a good idea to add this one to your bookmarks as a reference tool.