Architectural Design Projects With EffectiV HVAC Diffusers

Beautiful Designs Using EffectiV Architectural Diffusers

May 27, 2018

After six years of supplying architectural diffusers on multiple projects across the US and Canada, we thought it would be nice to share some of the nice designs we’ve had the chance to get pictures of.

Here are a series of pictures of the projects we found particularly attractive, using different models of our architectural diffusers, for your inspiration.

Restaurant Allo Mon Coco, our first project with the NEX diffuser back in 2013
NEX-C Painted Black With Conical Plenum Exposed Duct
Shared Office Space With NEX-C Architectural Swirl Diffuser, IN-RGY Headquarters
Another beautiful use of the NEX Architectural Swirl Diffuser, improving both the look and comfort of this shared office space
Black NEX Architectural Square Swirl Diffusers in cafeteria, adding a special touch to a rather discreet ceiling
Black NEX-S in cafeteria, Navada's new head office
Black LSD High Induction Slot Diffusers between acoustical panels
Black LSD High Induction Slot Diffusers semi-concealed between acoustical panels
First impression matters! A beautiful office building entrance with an appealing NEX Architectural Diffuser, IN-RGY Headquarters, Old Montreal
NEX-C in Architectural Office Design, IN-RGY Entrance, Street View
KAM-W Jet Diffuser Lexus Car Dealer Large Windowed Black and White ShotThe KAM Nozzle Jet Diffuser, loved by Architects for its sleek design combining appealing shape and proportions, and the absence of visible screw holes. This project was made in Europe but we love that picture!
Beautiful cafeteria featuring a brick wall and visible duct with NEX round swirl diffusers
NEX-C Architectural Swirl Diffuser in Employees Lounge, IN-RGY Office
NEX-C Architectural Swirl Diffuser, in Employees Lounge, IN-RGY Office
Another view of the visible duct with NEX round swirl diffusers
Rectangular PLAY Adjustable Diffuser following the lines of a hallway while supplying air efficiently
OTO-C Star Swirl Diffuser Surface Mount Fancy Victorian Design
OTO Round Swirl Diffusers installed in a ceiling with fancy ornaments
Another beautiful design with the KAM Nozzle Jet Diffuser, this time concealed within wood panels
KAM-W Jet Diffuser Sidewall Clothing Store Outlet
Another project showcasing the KAM Nozzle Jet Diffuser, this time in a retail outlet
We hope you found these pictures inspirational. Of course, we don’t have pictures of all of the projects made with our products. If you have photos of our diffusers installed in your building, by all means please send them to us and it will be a pleasure to include them.