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New Product SKP Constant Air Volume Damper
EffectiV HVAC is expanding its offering with a new air balancing solution, the SKP Low Pressure Constant Air Volume Dampers. Those dampers maintain a constant preset air volume within a pressure zone ranging between 50 and 250 Pa.Made of galvanized steel and plastic - Rated UL 2043 -, SKP wil ...
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Quick Selection Charts For Ceiling Diffusers
Many factors must be considered when comes the time to select the right products for an application. Introducing many revolutionary and unique products to the market along with more common specialty products, we figured it would be useful for Mechanical Engineers and HVAC Designers to have access ...
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3d View of NEX-C Architectural Swirl Diffuser
Interactive 3d views have been added for most products.To see a product in 3d, go to the product page and scroll down until you find the '3D VIEW' tab. Click on the tab, then click on the 3d view of your choice. Once the view is loaded, hold your click while moving your mouse - or finger - to rotate ...
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