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Adjustable Multi Jet Nozzle Panel Diffuser KOO
The latest addition to EffectiV HVAC’s product line, the KOO Adjustable Long Throw Multi-Jet Nozzle Diffuser is another product that is loved by both architects and mechanical engineers. Thanks to its unique combination of very long projections with precise adjustment, the architecturally appea ...
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New Products: WAAB Active Chilled Beams
We're happy to officially launch MADEL's WAAB Active Chilled Beams in North America. WAAB Active Chilled Beams combine air diffusion with thermal treatment of induced room air in order to improve the HVAC system's energy efficiency in commercial buildings.Available models of active chilled beam are ...
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Improving Both Comfort and Energy Efficiency With One Diffuser
This is a simple example of how the PLAY Adjustable Diffuser can help save energy while improving the level of comfort. This example is for a closed office but could also apply to any other commercial space with large windows and other random sources of heat and cold.In this example, the small ...
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