Plaster Frame for Diffusers
Plaster Frame for Diffusers


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Plaster or Drywall Frame


Plaster Frame to install lay-in diffusers in drywall. Save minutes of installation time thanks to the quick fold tabs.

Product Description

Plaster Frame to easily install lay-in diffusers into drywall and have easy access into the ceiling.

Our Plaster Frame can be installed the old fashioned way (screwed in fixed studs) or with our unique quick folding tabs sandwiching drywall in 8 points. This new method of installation is very strong while reducing installation time from over 10 minutes down to less than a minute.

Another great benefit of the folding tabs is that we avoid bends in the frame. These bends are often due to gaps between the frame and studs, and too much pressure being applied when fixing with screws. This distortion is often visible in the shape of gaps in the corers between the diffuser’s face and the plaster frame.

Our Quick Folding Tabs therefore save you time and money while improving aesthetics.


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48″ x 12″, 12″ x 12″, 24″ x 24″




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