New Products: KAM Long Throw Nozzle Jet Diffusers and AX6 Adjustable Round Swirl Diffusers

New Products: KAM and AX6 Aluminum Adjustable Diffusers

September 29, 2015

We’re excited to announce two new additions to EffectiV’s standard product line: the KAM and AX6 series diffusers. Both models feature adjustable air supply patterns and high quality aluminum construction to answer specific commercial and industrial application requirements in any geographic location.


KAM Aluminum Adjustable Long Throw Nozzle Jet Diffusers

KAM-W Jet Diffuser Lexus Car Dealer Large Windowed Black and White Shot
KAM Punkah Style Nozzle Jet Diffusers feature a long and narrow throw making it ideal for applications with either high ceilings or large rooms, or when spot heating and/or cooling is needed. Nozzle jet diffusers are often used in airports, train stations and large hallways or lobbies. The jet direction can be manually adjusted up to an angle of 60 degrees in any direction.

KAM is available in two models: KAM-W for surface mounting and KAM-D for rigid duct mounting.

Click here for more information about the KAM Nozzle Jet Diffusers.


AX6 Aluminum Adjustable Blades Round Swirl Diffusers

AX6 Adjustable Swirl Diffuser Surface Mount High Ceiling
AX6 Adjustable Blades Round Swirl Diffusers allow for increased comfort in environments where higher cfm of supplied air is required. The diffusion of the air can be varied by adjusting the supply air angle of the synchronously adjustable blades, changing from horizontal projection to vertical projection in accordance with the ceiling height and/or supply air temperature.

AX6 come standard with a neck-integrated equalizing grid ensuring an evenly spread 360 degree swirl pattern of supplied air despite possible installation constrains causing the air to enter the diffuser at an angle.

Click here for more information about the AX6 Adjustable Blades Round Swirl Diffusers.


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