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November 10, 2014

EffectiV HVAC Inc. Has Just Announced The Launch of Their New Brand and Website Reflecting The Company’s New Orientation and Strategy

EffectiV HVAC manufactures and supplies high quality, top-performing air distribution products and other HVAC products.

A fresh new website is the perfect venue to launch a new brand or a new direction. This is exactly what EffectiV HVAC has done to introduce their new brand to the world. The new website illustrates their commitment to specializing in air distribution products for commercial applications: office buildings, schools, restaurants, hotels, stores and other commercial spaces. Management places a lot of emphasis on architecture and design that is not often seen with other manufacturers. They want their products to improve occupants comfort, which is why they have specially designed air diffusers that will prevent “cold spots” where people are sitting.

EffectiV HVAC has exclusive distribution rights for MADEL products in North America (Canada – USA). They have selected the best products from MADEL and adapted them to North American
standards, along with the appropriate literature, performance data and marketing strategy. The company reports that they import parts or full products, and manufacture some in Canada. Products
presented on their website are stocked in their Montreal, Canada, warehouse and assembly facility in order to supply the market with quick lead time. A company spokesperson explains their Mission Statement: “Our Mission is to bring high quality, revolutionary products to the market in order to achieve better energy efficiency and occupants comfort with a strong emphasis on aesthetic design and architecture.”

EffectiV ‘s unique ceiling air diffusers allow Engineers and Designers to answer specific architectural and performance needs. EffectiV HVAC provides the market with a selection of innovative,
architecturally appealing diffusers that also offer amazing performance. Air diffusers are the only visible HVAC products in most buildings, this is why Architecturally appealing diffusers are very important for interior designers and architects. The new site is user friendly and easy to navigate. It is divided into several categories, including: Ceiling Diffusers, Architecture, HVAC Comfort, Energy Efficiency and MADEL. There is a Literature Page where a visitor can download their latest catalog and product specs. It’s easy to place a Request For Quotation right on the website. They are currently looking for new exclusive Manufacturers Agents to service Engineers, Architects and Contractors in open territories.

For complete information, please visit: EffectiV-HVAC.com

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