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New AXO-S300 High Induction Swirl Diffuser for Lower cfm Applications
We’re happy to announce the launch of our new AXO-S300 High Induction Swirl Diffuser for Very Low CFM Applications, extending the AXO series of square high induction diffusers composed of AXO-S, AXO-SX and AXO-S400.Until Today, AXO-S400 was the AXO series diffuser handling the lower amount of cfm ...
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New Product AXP Fixed Swirl Diffuser
EffectiV HVAC™ is proud to announce another new addition to its product line: the AXP Aluminum Round Swirl Diffuser. In response to market demand and after testing the product on a few projects, AXP has been added to the standard EffectiV offering. The product is now available in both imper ...
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New! OTO Series Architectural Stamped Curved Slots Swirl Diffusers
We're proud to announce the addition of a new exclusive product to the EffectiV HVAC™ product line: OTO Series Architectural Curved Slots Swirl Diffuser.The particular design of OTO Series curved slot swirl diffusers creates a uniform airflow along the length of each aperture. The radial configu ...
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