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Increasing Commercial Real Estate Value With The PLAY
As a commercial property owner or manager, you are always looking for new ways to increase your commercial property’s value. We’d like to encourage you to take a look at a new place: your ceilings! More specifically, you should have a look at the air diffusers installed right over your head. N ...
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Improving Both Comfort and Energy Efficiency With One Diffuser
This is a simple example of how the PLAY Adjustable Diffuser can help save energy while improving the level of comfort. This example is for a closed office but could also apply to any other commercial space with large windows and other random sources of heat and cold.In this example, the small ...
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Best Ceiling Air Diffuser for Office: PLAY
The PLAY diffuser is the only air diffuser that truly allows for full horizontal adjustment of the airflow. Each round sector can independently rotate 360 degrees. The PLAY is very easy to adjust from the face and without tools. Solutions to air conditioning drafts and other air draft problems were ...
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