AXO-S400 Radial Vanes Adjustable Swirl Diffuser for Lower cfm
AXO-S400 Radial Vanes Adjustable Swirl Diffuser for Lower cfm


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High Induction Adjustable Square Swirl Diffuser For Lower CFM


AXO-S400 High Induction Adjustable Vanes Square Swirl Diffuser for lower cfm has fewer diffusion vanes than the standard AXO-S model and is available only in 24″ x 24″ (605mm x 605mm). AXO diffusers can be adjusted to supply swirl, 1-way, 2-way and vertical throw patterns. AXO can supply high air flow at relatively low sound power and has a high tolerance to air flow variation and duct angle.

Product Description

AXO swirl diffusers by EffectiV HVAC and MADEL® are designed to be applied in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. The design of their vanes and radial arrangement supplies the air in a swirl pattern while leveraging the coanda effect. The resulting high induction ratio helps reduce stratification.


Their individually adjustable vanes support multiple angles to adapt the airflow to virtually any environment. Their sectored vanes, combined with a PERFAIR high-performance plenum mixing box, emit a uniform airflow all over the passage section.


The AXO series diffusers admit a flow variation of 60% while keeping the air stream stable. For optimal conditions, AXO diffusers may be used in ceilings 8.5 up to 13 feet (2.6 up to 4 meters) high and at a temperature differential up to 54ºF (12ºC).


The air pattern adjustability, high level of induction rate and reduced air stratification allow for designs with a much higher level of comfort and provides opportunities for significant energy savings.


The face and plenum box are ordered separately and attached together with a screw through the face fixed in the plenum crossbar.


AXO-S400 square diffuser for lower cfm is available in 24″ x 24″ (605mm x 605mm) only.


Additional Information


48″ x 12″


Plastic ABS Vanes, Steel

Adjustable Airflow


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